New Mountain Boats 8 Pram Dam Buster, Cruiser, New Caledonia or Custom Build

Price AU $2,225 Firm

AU $2,225 Firm
The flagship model of Mountain Boats and the most useable boat you'll ever own. Light and small enough to handle over-land with more than enough volume for a stable seaworthy hull, these boats will fit in the back of a station wagon, in a regular box trailer or on standard roof racks. Skip the ramp if it's busy or too far from your preferred fishing spot with this dinghy being able to be launched from any beach or off the side of a jetty.
The ability for these boats to fill so many niches comes down to our semi-custom manufacturing process which allows us to make sure your boat does everything your boating situation needs. We've sold a few of these so if you aren't sure what to get we have the following packages which commonly come up being the Dam Buster, Cruiser and New Caledonia.
The Dam Buster is our basic rowboat, the cruiser gets serious with a mounting point for up to 3 hp, and the New Caledonia has a sail rig that will take you as far as the rest of your gadgetry will allow.
The listed price is for the Dam Buster as our most basic configuration that just needs oars/paddlecraft to get yourself moving. Custom builds are at no additional cost beyond the standard material and labour required to give you the options you need.
New South Wales
Sydney NSW
Family, Leisure, In-shore Fishing
Mountain Boats
7' 10" - 2.40m
Hull Material
Composite Wood with a healthy does science and modern technologies
We stock Epropulsions electric outboards and Minn Kota trolling motors to propel these boats but they will accept any >3hp outboard
Engine Make
Safety Gear
Can be supplied as part of your purchase
Sail Inventory
Sail designed and built by Star Kayak Sails
Mast / Rigging
Rigged using the furling mast supplied by Star Kayak Sails and a boom with gooseneck fabricated by Mountain Boats
Deck Gear
Leeboards and sculling sweep (as rear control surface/rudder) made by Mountain Boats

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