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Boating Education

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Let’s face it. No matter how much we think we know about boating, there is always something new to learn. As boaters, new or old, having a grasp of your vessel, the gear on it and basic knowledge about boating is a must. If you’ve grown up in and around boats this probably comes naturally, and if you haven’t – then participating in structured boating education activities is a sure fire way to becoming a better skipper on the water.

There is plenty of boating education out there.

Kids & Boating

Kids absorb boating habits readily from people they look up to. You are no doubt part of this journey for your kids. Start by making sure you abide by the laws of the water and enhance their boating experience by engaging them in conversations about maritime rules and regulations.

Give them small jobs on board, such as helping to keep a proper lookout, making sure those that should be wearing a lifejacket are doing so, and possibly even helping others put their lifejackets on. Think about it. No doubt you can find several educational jobs that not only engages the kids but helps them learn along the way.

Sailing is one of the greatest pathways to boating for the young. Clubs around Australia have excellent programs for kids to learn and participate in sailing.

Check in with your local club to see what they have to offer, or visit the Australian Sailing website.

Getting your Boat Licence

Each state has different rules that apply to getting a boating licence and getting one should not be daunting. Check what regulations there are for your state, but also consider getting your licence through one of the many authorised providers across Australia.

Authorised providers can not only help you understand the theory, but in most cases also include a practical education component. Australian Boating College is one of many organisations that provide these services.

Most Marine Rescue organisations around Australia are also able to assist you with a broad range of education to get your licence or on other boating subjects. Visit your local Marine Rescue or Coast Guard organisation to see how they can help.


Advanced Boating Education

Some boaters either through desire, or through need, are turning to advanced boating education. There are many organisations providing specialty training, both theoretical and practical to suit most needs. Organisations such as Australian Sailing and Pacific Sailing School provide education on a broad range of boating subjects.

The Australian Maritime College is a specialist institute of the University of Tasmania and is the National Institute for Maritime Education, training and research. They are dedicated to ensuring course offerings remain relevant to global demands. Courses are developed in collaboration with industry and government bodies, placing their highly skilled graduates in high demand across the globe.

No matter what your boating education needs are, you no doubt will be able to find a provider in Australia.

If you are not sure, check in with the BIA office or your state government boating authority.

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