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Boating Friends

I love boating because…

James Morrison – Musician

The great thing about boating is how quickly it takes you away from the ordinary. A couple of hours out on the boat feels like a full day’s break and a weekend afloat feels like you’ve been on holiday for a week. No matter what the pressures on shore, when you cast off you can leave them behind and just enjoy being on the water. Boating is good for the soul!

Merv Hughes – Legendary Cricketer

I love fishing. People jump into boats for different reasons; cruising, sailing, fishing, skiing… every time I jump into a boat, I go fishing – whether it be on a river, a lake, out in the bay or in the ocean. (Although, I’m not all that keen on the open sea as I get terribly seasick… really bad!) However, at the thought of one day catching the fish of a lifetime, I’ll risk it. The great thing about being on the water is that you’re there with people you choose to be with – and most of the time, it’s great fun. It’s safe to say that many people who read this may have far greater knowledge of boating than I do, as I’m just dipping my toe in the pond, however, common sense and good planning (and most importantly, fishing with people who know what they’re doing!) will always bring me home safely. To understand boating rules, to be patient and courteous, to have some knowledge of the water you are boating on and how to read the weather are all of upmost importance. As a wise old man from Apollo Bay once told me: “If there’s any doubt, don’t go out… I’m going to die of old age, not a boating mishap!” So be safe and enjoy the water.

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