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Boat Hire, Share & Membership


No boat? No problem!

Many things can restrict owning a boat – limited storage space, finances, or location. However, this doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the boating lifestyle.

There are many options available to those who want to spend time out on the water without the commitment of owning your own vessel.

With a variety of boats available to suit everyone, starting with entry level vessels that don’t require a boat driver licence through to specially designed boats that suit the avid fisherman or water sports enthusiasts and luxury yachts.

Boat hire, boat share and boat clubs are all options, each coming with their own benefits.

So, round up your crew, take the helm and head out on a voyage of boating discovery.

Note: In all States in Australia, (excluding NT) a recreational boat licence is required to operate a boat recreationally if its engine is greater than 4hp or the boat can exceed 10 knots.


Small craft hire is a great way to get on the water in the most cost-effective and minimalistic way.

The advantage of this style of hire craft is the relatively low cost and ease of use. It gives you the freedom to jump out the car and straight into a boat taking with you essentials for a great day out like a picnic, fishing and snorkelling gear.

Almost all these operators don’t require hirers to have boat licences or have previous experience, making it easy for anyone to hit the water. The small power craft like “tinnies” for hire generally have engines of sufficiently low power to negate the need for a boat driver licence.


House boats are an excellent option for families and or friends where accommodation is key.

Such hire boats offer outstanding experiences on some of the best waterways in the country where you can cruise in comfort.

House boat hire does not require a boat driver licence as the vessels are restricted in engine size and maximum speed.


Hiring larger vessels like power cruisers and sailing yachts would be the next step up.

The advantages of these bigger vessels include the ability to explore destinations further afield, the chance to carry more passengers and the safety and comfort offered by a bigger platform.

Power vessels are appropriately powered for the size and weight of the craft and, in most states, the skipper is required to have a current boat operator licence.

Sailing vessels generally do not require a boat driver licence although boating experience is valuable.


Tow-and-go style of hire is becoming increasingly popular as it allows the hirer to tow the boat to a chosen destination.

Hire boats come in all shapes and sizes, from small 4.2 metre craft, right up to serious offshore vessels around the 7-metre mark.

The great advantage of a tow-and-go style hire boat is that you can go to your favourite waterway without worrying whether there is a hire boat company nearby.

This type of hire boat gives people the most realistic understanding of what it is like to own a boat and go away for a couple of days with the family and/ or a few friends.


More recently we have seen the introduction of online peer to peer boat rental marketplaces. Just like Airbnb, the share economy has found its way into boating!

Like other rental operators, marketplaces for boat hire must meet regulations, giving you confidence in the vessel’s capabilities and reliability. Take the time to read user reviews, so you know what you are getting.

Under this model, boat owners or their representative complete the handover of the boat on a wharf or at a ramp after all the hard preparation work is done. You’ll do a pre departure safety briefing and then you’ll be on your way!

Already own a boat? List it to start generating an income from it!


The advantage of boat share means you still own a boat but with shared costs!

Boat share involves buying a share of a boat with a group of other people so it will be more affordable to purchase and maintain. You may have also heard of the term boat syndication which is another term for boat share and will operate in exactly the same way.

Some people may opt to enter into a private agreement with friends or family while others may sign up to a recognised boat share or boat syndication company, and buy in with other like-minded people who may or may not know each other.


There are a growing number of membership-based boating services available, offering an alternative way to enjoy a boating lifestyle without having to purchase your own boat or enter into a boat share contract.

Subject to the operator, membership can come with a number of benefits, including training, walk-on walk-off service (which means no cleaning, maintenance, or berthing), modern fleets, and the option to access boats located on multiple waterways.

Club membership is a great option for those looking for access to luxury vessels, with everything taken care of pre departure and at the end of the day.

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