New Aurora Skeleton console Skeleton console on RIBS - Aurora or AB hulls.

Price AU $12,500 Expressions of interest

AU $12,500 Expressions of interest
RIB Force Inflatables offer skeleton consoles fitted to the Aurora Reefrider and AB hulls. The skeleton consoles are suitable in Reefrider Classics and AB hulls in the range of 2.9 meters to 3.8 meters. This offers a light weight solution. The skeleton console also offers an option for having a steering wheel which option leaves more deck space available when compared to a conventional console set up.
The skeleton console set up is not only popular as a tender, other uses are,
- Work boat
- Safety boat for yacht, canoe, outrigger and other sporting clubs
- Tourism - for snorkeling or transporting people

Skeleton options include the traditional arm coming off the back seat alternatively the Mavi frame type. The skeleton consoles are custom installed to suit the requirements of the operator. Motor sizes vary from 9.9hp to 40hp.

Packages range for an Aurora Reefrider CL 290 fitted with a Mavi steering column and Mercury 9.9hp from $12 500 and with a skeleton console from $13 600
Coomera QLD
Family, Leisure, Cruising
9' 6" - 2.90m
Hull Material
Aluminium with inflatable tubes

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Shop 7 Gold Coast City Marina Coomera QLD

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