Endeavour 26

Price AU $14,500 Make an offer

AU $14,500 Make an offer
This Endeavour 26 is a great little day sailor with a deck that was professionally restore 2 years ago. One of the many great thing about these little boats is the well and outboard. This gives you a low exposure fixed keel daysailor where the outboard can and has always been stored under cover out of the water. Due to the location of the shaft it preforms like a keel boat and wont pitch like some of the boats with a rear mounted out board. The head room through the boat is good for a boat this size and the layout is simple yet practical with plenty of overnight accommodation when needed. The deck is clean and uncluttered so movement on board isn't limited like many small boats on the market. If you are looking for your next adventure this one will do the trick.

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South Australia
Port Adelaide SA
Leisure, Cruising
26' - 7.92m
Hull Material

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Adelaide Boat Sales

57 St Vincent Street Port Adelaide SA

57 St Vincent Street Port Adelaide SA

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