Farr 55 IRC built by Cookson HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD

Price AU $33,000 Weekly

AU $33,000 Weekly
The Farr 55 Onesails Racing, HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD the former Living Doll, having performed to second overall in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race (2011). Winner Brisbane to Gladestone Race 2016 with CYCA Team. Continually upgraded and maintained, this amazing yacht is now for charter with Sea Mariner International.

Design: The hull was developed in 2008 using the knowledge gained from recent extensive research on contemporary IRC design winners. A unique feature with a large impact on the hull design is the twin rudder steering arrangement. The stern lifts less at high speeds so the effective sailing length can be maximized over more of the speed range without incurring handling problems in extreme conditions. Ease of handling in reaching and running conditions was a prime driver in the design process.

Construction Materials & Methods: The structure of the yacht utilises state of the art carbon epoxy sandwich construction throughout employing variable core thickness, type and density for an optimised and integrated relationship between shell and internal structure. The structural concept is based around a minimalist internal frame concept allowing for easier sail and gear movement throughout the interior working space. With recognition of the particular demands of offshore racing, the primary slamming areas are cored with a tough foam type with Nomex honeycomb used throughout the remaining hull, deck and internal structural elements.

Interior arrangement: Has been designed for racing functionality with ample berths, head and galley for offshore races. A simplified internal structure reduces weight and provides for an open arrangement optimised for moving sails and gear. Forward of the companionway is a full galley and head to starboard and an ample gear locker to port. The forepeak structure allows for an owners style forward V berth cabin that should allow for a real dual purpose IRC rating effect. The navigation area, engine, tanks, and batteries have all been positioned centrally for reduced pitching inertia and ease of use in real offshore sailing conditions. The 55hp engine drives a retractable fixed blade prop providing efficient propulsion and reliable backing, reduced weight and zero drag while sailing.

Deck Layout and Arrangement: Flush deck and moderately aggressive deck camber provide for 6 foot headroom across the main saloon area and all of the forepeak area without any cabin. The result of the slightly higher sheer, is a more upright hull topsides while still placing the crew well outboard for stability. The plain deck allows the halyard and other pit functions to be done in simple direct leads. Because the deck is flat between the port and starboard jib sheeting systems we have been able to create a linking of the 2 sides and have combined both of their up/down and in/out functions into 2 total hydraulic cylinders. The cockpit geometry has been designed with a combination of inshore and offshore sailing in mind. The winch layout has been created to allow for a twin grinder pedestal layout although the first boat launched will be with hydraulically operated winches. Port and starboard mainsheet winches with clutch-able mainsheet allow the leeward mainsheet winch to be utilised as an offshore secondary winch. Port and starboard backstay winches positioned behind the helmsman are combined with fittings on the transom for both single centerline backstay, and twin running topmast backstay systems depending on the mainsail roach/head configuration in use.
New South Wales
Sydney Harbour
55' - 16.76m
Keel / Ballast
Hull Material
Carbon Fibre carbon epoxy sandwich construction
54 HP low hours
Engine Make
Fuel Type
Feathering propellor
Ice Box
Simple Bunks for Crew
Ground Tackle
o 1 x FX55 Alloy Fortress
o 1 x FX37 Alloy Fortress
Safety Gear
Spares & Other Features Cat One

Spares & Safety Gear
o 14 x Spinlock Harnesses + 4 extra harnessess
o teathers for all harnesses -
o 2 x 8-person Cat 1 Liferafts - Carbon Shelll
o 14 acr resqfix 406 gps plb-300
o first aid kit
o jack lines, flares heaving line, john bouy
Bilge Pumps
Yes electric and manual
Life Raft
Life Jackets
Fire Protection
O 1 x Full WTP2 Processor
o 6 x FFD Mast Displays
o 1 x FFD Forestay Load Screen
o 1 x auto pilot H3000
o WTP2 Gyro Sensors
o Halcyon Gyro Stabilized Compass
o Halcyon 2000 Compass Sensor
o Simrad A150 AIS Class B
o MX 421B-10 DGPS GPS
o B&G Loadcell
o Panasonic Deck Screen
o Deckman
o Expedition
o Handheld Satellite Phone
o Installed Satellite Phone System
Sail Inventory
Offshore Mains:
o North - OM1
o North - OM2
o Doyle - OM3 - 12/15/2012
Inshore Mains:
o North 3DL - INM-1, Full carbon
o North 3DL - INM-1,18000 dpi - 7/1/2011
o North 3DL - INM-3,26000 dpi - 10/1/2012
o Doyle - INM-4, Full carbon - 8/10/2012
o North - J1-B-C
o Doyle - J1-A-B (B unused) - 7/1/2012
o North - J2-A-B-C J2D
o Doyle - J2-A-B (B unused) - 7/1/2012
o North - J3.5
o Doyle - J3-A-B - 7/1/2012
o North - J4-B-C-D
o North - J5
o North - JT
o North - A1-A-B
o North - 1.5-B
o Doyle - 1.5 - 7/1/2012
o North - A2-B-C-D-E-
o Doyle - A2-A-B (B unused) - 7/1/2012
o North - A4-B-C
o Doyle - A4 - 7/1/2012
o North - A5
o North - 0-Fractional
o Doyle - Code 0 - Full hoist
o North - Drifter
o North - Genoa Staysail - A-B
o Doyle - Spin Staysail - A - 9/1/2012 ?
o North - Spin Staysail - A-B
o North - Trysail
o North - Storm Jib - A-B
o North - Delivery Main
o North - Delivery Headsail
Mast / Rigging
Mast refurbished 2016 for AUD $60,000Nitronic Rod and Carbon fiber mast, boom, 3 swept spreaders
Deck Gear
O 2 x Primary 82/3GPHSTSB BK - Powered Winch
o 2 x Main 68/3GPHST BK CF - Powered Winch
o 2 x Pit 60GPST BK CF Winch
o 2 x Backstay 60/3GPSTSB BK/CF

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East Sail

1b New Beach Road 2011 Darling Point NSW

1b New Beach Road 2011 Darling Point NSW

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